About Us

Founded in 1993, Greenwood Insurance Group provides unparalleled service along with innovative and diverse coverage options that reflect a mercurial market. Greenwood has adapted to economic and industry shifts, producing a steady stream of new products delivered with exemplary service. Our continuous success is the result of a close-knit team of experienced principals providing superior products and individual attention.

Greenwood has relationships with a multitude of highly rated insurance companies, which makes us different from traditional insurance agencies that offer coverage from only one source. Our skilled team of professionals will evaluate your needs and provide a variety of insurance options from several companies, ensuring you receive the policy best suited for you. We require the companies we choose from to be of the highest caliber, and we constantly monitor their performance in order to confirm that you receive nothing short of impeccable service. With the variety of insurance options we provide, you’ll see how easy it can be to custom-fit peace of mind.


Mission Statement

The uncertain is inevitable. Life comes with risk, and covering that risk is imperative if you’d like to live and work without worry or restraint. Whether you’re building a business, developing software for your company, or protecting your home and investments, with Greenwood, your well-being and protection are tantamount. We foster relationships based on trust, superior service, individual attention, and security, all at competitive rates.